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Steering Your Way Through the Storm:  Leadership in Times of Conflict…
four-day training program that takes a unique approach to understanding and responding to conflict.   Basic skills, theory and theology of conflict transformation while inviting participants to engage their hearts, minds and bodies in the process, opening the way to personal transformation.  (click here for brochure) 

Walking in the Way of Peace:  Conflict transformation training, facilitation and assistance for communities of faith.   
A unique collaboration among experienced facilitators and consultants who are committed to offering services to congregations.  (to learn more click here) 

The Conflict transformation is an approach that is concerned not only with solving specific problems, but also with understanding the deeper underlying issues that contribute to and exacerbate the conflict.   Learning, healing and the rebuilding of relationships are its focus.  The criterion for its success are not primarily the management or resolution of the specific issues at hand, but rather that the parties to the conflict have positively changed and grown. 

Best known as the creators of the “Walking in the Way of Peace” program of conflict transformation for congregations, Institute founders Beverly Prestwood-Taylor and Karen Nell Smith have identified five essential factors which, when present act together to create an environment in which conflict transformation and healing can occur.  They include:

The Institute offers a variety of conflict transformation and training programs and services to communities of faith and other organizations as they move through turmoil or transition, including: