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Build a Better Brain

A new program this fall will strengthen your brain. Really.

Build a Better Brain is being held Thursdays, 6:30-8 p.m., at the Hampden Town Hall on Main Street in Hampden, Mass. The first class is tonight, Sept. 24, but you can join at any time..
Studies show that stress, disease and trauma take large portions of our brain offline. Our health suffers, our work suffers, our loved ones suffer. We end up running faster but going nowhere. The key is to take time to teach our brains new tricks — to reintegrate our mind and, yes, build a better brain.
Farnsworth is a reintegration specialist, trained by The Brookfield Institute, the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology and Strategies for Trauma and Resilience (STAR).
Topics include:

Sept. 24: Our Muddled Brains How our brains become disconnected and some of the ramifications of living with a disconnected brain. Participants will practice mindfulness while beginning a Hikaro Dorodango.
Oct. 1: Reintegrating Our Emotions Participants will explore some of the feelings that keep our brains from working to full potential and learn Jin Shin Jyutsu to begin harmonizing our lives.
Oct. 8: Tapping on Blockages to Peace Sometimes despite our attempts to bring harmony to our brain, stressful life experiences create a block to full brain integration. The Emotional Freedom Technique taps on specific issues and events to unclog those disruptions to peace.
Oct. 15: Drawing on the Whole Brain Mandalas are a tool that allow us to focus on a particular issue and then let the creative part of the brain attend to the issue while we let the logical brain rest. Working together the brains often discover new meanings or solutions to untenable problems.
Oct. 22: The HaHaHa Experience the positive effects of laughter on the brain. Discover and practice paths to nurturing joy.
Oct. 29: Final Hurdles Nutrition? Exercise? Attitude? Overcoming the External and Internal "No." Participants will be given an opportunity to clear out any residual roadblocks to building a better brain. 
Cost for the workshop is only $60 per person. Call 413-566-2151 Ext. 208 to register. Each session will be held at the Town Hall, 625 Main St. Wear comfortable clothes.