The Journey Home From War: A STAR Workshop for military families and those who minister to them.

Well over 2.5 million military personnel have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan over the last 9 years, the longest war in our nation's history.  Most have returned as of December 2014. Do you know what veterans need as they reintegrate into their families and communities?  Are you able to offer the kinds of support military families’ needs as they receive their loved ones home?

As the rates of divorce, family conflict and suicide increase for military families, caretakers need effective tools for addressing the complex, distinctive challenges veterans and their loved ones face and for helping them access their inherent strengths.

This workshop is designed to assist veterans and those who care for them as they return from service in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other conflicts, in walking the journey of healing and re-integrating into civilian life.

This workshop will review the basic concepts of STAR and apply it to the experience of veterans and military families:

  • the effects of trauma on the body, mind and spirit;
  • common responses to unhealed trauma
  • recognizing the symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury; and
  • new skills and strategies to chart a healing journey.

In addition, participants will learn about the process of coming home faced by all veterans, such as:

  • stages veterans move through as they prepare for deployment and as they return;
  • battlemind: unlearning some aspects of basic training in order to re-acclimate to life with their families; and
  • creating a specific plan to support veterans and military families.