Thrive on the Other Side:  Growing Resilient Congregations

To Bend But Not Break:  Growing Resilient Congregations  

Conflict and adversity touches each community of faith at one time or another—through financial challenges, leadership transitions, personal loss, difficult decisions and differences.  With the right skills and perspectives, these tensions don’t have to lead to destructive altercation in the life of a congregation, but can be opportunities for creativity and spiritual growth. 

The Institute has been assisting congregations for over 10 years through its Walking in the Way of Peace program of conflict transformation in congregations. Dedicated to “inoculating” communities with greater resilience in order to respond to challenges in life-giving ways, all Institute programs incorporate the basic skills, theory and theology of trauma healing, conflict transformation and dialogue while engaging hearts, minds and bodies in the process. 

Participants in our program gain greater resilience as they learn to:

• Clarify the Context—Understanding the larger forces and patterns at play

• Communicate Constructively—Learning the essential skills of deep listening and dialogue

• Create a “Container”—Maintaining healthy boundaries, “Christian assertiveness,’ and an environment conducive to creativity and consensus

• Chart a Course—Following a process for transforming conflict, healing and moving forward


For more information on our training offerings and congregational consulting services through Walking in the Way, contact Peter Wells or Karen Nell Smith.

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