Jews, Muslims and Peace

In fostering interreligious peacebuilding, a Christian mediation role is helpful on two counts:  to encourage polarized Jews and Muslims to find common ground, and to inspire Western Christians to make amends for their own bloody history toward the other two Abrahamic communities. 

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Countering Islamophobia: A Jewish Testimony

In the summer of 2010, as the American midterm election season was heating up, one of the most controversial subjects of debate was the planned construction of an Islamic community center in lower Manhattan. Misleadingly dubbed the “Ground Zero Mosque,” it became the focus of an ugly campaign to impugn the motives of those behind the Park 51 project, especially Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. 

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Healing work never ends

A 8.4-magnitude earthquake hit Chile in mid-September. The aftershocks — both geological and human — will be felt for months.

The Brookfield Institute has helped hundreds of earthquake survivors over the years. Our approach is humane, delicate, caring and needed. The 2010 earthquake was particularly traumatic and we were keen to see the effects and aftereffects from this one.

We’re happy that the Chilean government and emergency services were much better prepared and able to respond quickly and effectively this time. Elena Huegel, chaplain of the Shalom Center in Chile, says, “I am amazed at the differences in the responses to this earthquake compared to the one in February 2010. It is clear that the emergency simulations and the constant training of police officers, firefights and the general public has paid off.”

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Don't run away from change

The Rev. Beth Horne loves the conflict transformation skills she learned in Walking in the Way workshops, but she loves conflict as well.

“If a church doesn’t have conflict, it’s dead,” says the minister of the 200-member Highlands Church UCC in Melrose, Mass. 

Instead, what she values are the skills she learned — and continues to hone — in listening, talking and helping others to listen and talk.

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